CoastXplore App

When you are next by the coast complete a quick survey to help us understand how people use the coastline.


The CoastXplore app is a monitoring tool that has been designed to capture data on how we, the general public, interact and use the coast. The app consists of a series of short questions that allows volunteers to record information on the types of activities taking place on coasts all around the UK.


This activity can be done on any coastline around the UK, whether you are at a local harbour or pier, walking along a cliff top, or playing on the beach. Don’t worry if you don’t have a signal, your survey will upload as soon as the signal returns.


You can perform a CoastXplore survey at any time of year and as many times as you like. The more frequently surveys are completed on the app the better our understanding we be of coastal usage.


Download the CoastXplore app for FREE from iTunes or Google Play. Next time you are at the coast open the app and press ‘Survey’. The app will direct you from question to question and each survey should only take a few minutes! All surveys should be completed looking out to sea.


Often we know the types of activities that occur at different locations, for instance surfing or rock pooling, but there is very little information available on the number of people undertaking each of these activities and how this varies throughout the year. Data collected through the CoastXplore app will be a valuable resource for the conservation and future management of our coastlines.


To view the full terms and conditions for the CoastXplore app please visit


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CoastXplore App

When you are next by the coast complete a quick survey to help us understand how people use the...


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