Every wanted to learn more about the weird and wonderful world on our shores? For a while now, CoCoast North Wales has been highlighting some of our "Coastal Curiosities" on social media, to spread our love of all things rocky shore. From now on, we'll also be updating our blog with these curiosities, starting with the beautiful sea lemon! 

The Sea Lemon (Archidoris pseudoargus) is a beautiful sea slug, or nudibranch, which is often found on rocky shores. The top side of the slug is covered in small wart like bumps. The sea lemon can be yellow, green, brown or pink and is often blotchy in colour.

Did you know that the word nudibranch means “naked gill”? This refers to the organ sea slugs use to breath, which is on the outside of their body. In the picture of the sea lemon below (bottom left) you can see the ring of eight or nine feathery gills towards the lower end of the body.

The sea lemon feeds on sponges, most often the breadcrumb sponge that can be found in crevices and under overhangs on the rocky shore. The eggs of the sea lemon look like a pale flattened ribbon, attached by one edge to the rock in a spiral shape.