We believe that the responsibility for protecting our seas and wonderful marine biodiversity belongs to all of us. To find out how you can contribute, we ask that you attend one of our Training Days at a Hub convenient to you. You don’t need any prior knowledge about marine life or recording – the CoCoast team will support you in developing the simple survey skills required.

CoCoast is aimed at people who have opportunities to access the coast, however if there is no Hub within a 70 mile stretch of coast convenient to you, or that you are willing to travel to, we suggest you register your interest anyway.

CoCoast will endeavour to provide training at additional venues. After training you can survey anywhere you wish.

There is no cost involved in this training or participation. Volunteers need to 18 years of age or older. By registering your interest you are not obliged to attend, or to participate further in this project.

If you don’t wish to participate as a citizen scientist and simply wish to keep up with CoCoast news please follow us on Twitter @CapturingRCoast





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