Fancy a change from your species package survey?

We are looking for volunteers to conduct a simple survey looking at the balance between limpets and seaweeds (algae) on your local rocky shore once during February or March and again in September or October. Limpets are important intertidal grazers as they graze on young algae preventing establishment of larger canopy algae. We want to find out if there are patterns in the balance between seaweeds and limpets on shores across the UK. The simple survey of 10 – 15 quadrats is being completed in Spring and Autumn at over 30 sites nationally - get in touch with your regional hub to find out the nearest one to you!

How do I get started?

Step 1: Watch the training video here: This short video provides more information about the science behind the survey and takes you through the method step by step.

Step 2: Complete the training quiz here: This short quiz makes sure you are happy with the method. Feel free to use the method sheet to help you as you take the quiz and you can repeat it as many times as needed.

Step 3: Print off the method sheet, recording sheets and fucoid algae identification guide.

Step 4: Get in touch with your local hub to find out which rocky shores need surveying! Remember to check the tide times and weather and follow the safety advice in your CoCoast information pack and risk assessment you received on your training day.

Happy surveying!!