Volunteer Boat Trip!

As a thank you for some of our volunteers that have submitted lots of data and got really involved with CoCoast to date, we organised a boat trip. The boat is owned by the University of Portsmouth and Dr. Paul Farrell took us out on Tuesday 1st August to see the local seals in Langstone Harbour. 

We started the day with some coffee and cake and headed out to meet Paul and the boat. Sarah and I and the 8 volunteers doned the life jackets and off we went. We were lucky enough to see two seals, one basking in the sunshine and one popped his head up now and again. The seals are common seals and there are usually 8-10 around Langstone harbour. One of which is tracked and heads to Brighton and back again almost every day.  Cathy Currie got this great shot from the boat! 

After we had seen the seals, paddleboarders, sailers and windsurfers, we headed over the the research raft that is looking at biofouling and also housing some native oysters for one of our PhD students research to see what we could find. We found a hairy crab, a broad clawed porcelain crabs as well as a lot of anemones. Just take a look at a few of this great pics our volunteers sent it!

It was a great day and the sun was shining. If you want to get more involved in the Capturing Our Coast project have a look at upcoming training days near you, and get involved in our current competition here: https://www.capturingourcoast.co.uk/content/competition-time 

Stay tuned for more updates from Portsmouth! 

Zoe :)