We need your data!


Have you been out with CoCoast on a Survey Day since we started collecting data for the project in January 2016?     

Forgotten to upload the data online?     

Forgotten how to upload it?   

No problem!

We all know that fieldwork is the most enjoyable part of the Capturing our Coast data collection where you to get to don your wellies, paddle through the rock pools and have loads of fun in the sun (or take soggy selfies when it's a tad drizzly)!
But without all that crucial data being uploaded to our website, we would have nothing to analyse and nothing to feed back to the National Biodiversity Network at the end of the project... therefore we really need your help!


Here at #CoCoastSW we are hosting a Data Drop-in Session where you can bring in all your old (or new!) recording sheets and we will show you how to upload the data to our website... or you can even leave it with us and we'll be happy to upload it for you!


Data Drop-in Day - MBA, Plymouth (#CoCoastSW)

Wednesday 7th February, 15:00 - 20:00

(Don't forget to bring any images taken during your surveys on a USB stick/CD/DVD or email them to us in advance: cocoast@mba.ac.uk)


Alternatively if you would like to give it a go yourself at home, here are a few easy steps to getting your data and images uploaded to our website:

(Don't forget to login first)

If you can't make it to our drop-in session with the #CoCoastSW team in Plymouth (contact your local CoCoast hub for drop-in sessions near you), then please feel free to email images of your data sheets to Hannah and Leoni and tell us what issues you are having: cocoast@mba.ac.uk

Thanks again for your continued efforts to help us collect data... we need as much as you can collect!