Day of reckoning for marine invaders

Volunteers are being asked to help track an alien invasion taking place around the UK’s coastline.

For centuries, marine species have moved around either by hitching ride on the hulls of ships or as stowaways in ballast water. In many instances, species have been deliberately introduced for commercial purposes. Now, a national campaign to record non-native marine species is taking place to map the extent to which non-native marine species are present and to help scientists understand the impact they are having on the coastal environment.

The ‘Marine Invaders’ campaign will run September 8-11th 2017. We need your help to tell us which species are in your region and on shores near you. It’s easy to get involved and is an activity all the family can share. The survey only takes 10 minutes of your time. All information is valuable for us to have, including records of where you surveyed and didn’t find your chosen species! This really important information will allow future management decisions to be made on the control of non-native species.


To choose your species, find protocols and recording forms and to upload your data and photos please visit:  

Tweet @CapturingRCoast with #marineinvaders, #invasivespecies and share the species you find (or don't find!) on our facebook pages.