Experimental volunteers needed!

We are really busy over the next couple of months, as autumn draws in. If you like to join us for a morning or afternoon on a local beach taking part in some cool experimental projects, then now is the time! Wrap up warm and come along to one of our field sessions: tea and coffee provided! Email cocoast@sams.ac.uk for dates and times.

CoCoast Scotland

CoCoast Scotland has been doing really well over the past year: we have some top CoCoast surveyors, some fantastic events, and our map of data is growing by the day. Thank you!

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, that will now be listed to the right. If you have any ideas for future events, please get in touch at cocoast@sams.ac.uk.

South West MPA project

The South West MPA project kicks off at Mounts Bay

This weekend we had a excellent start to the South West MPA project and surveyed the Great Hogus sites in the Mounts Bay Marine Conservation Zone for:

True crabs - Brachyurans

Hermit crabs, Porcelain crabs, squat lobsters, etc - Anomurans

Top shells, etc - Trochoidea

Periwinkles - Littorinidae

Anemones - Actiniaria

Wracks - Fucales

With the highligt find being several St Piran's hermit crabs. There are several more searches coming up next week so why not come along to an event near you. Click here for further details of the project.






More Opportunities for Rocky Shore Exploring!

Hello CoCoast Yorkshire Citizen Scientists! 

It's been great to see so many of you at our recent Wine and Science evenings, Bioblitz events and Field Support days. It's also been fantastic to see a steady flow of Species Package Survey data coming into the project, through the website, by email and by post. Thank you for all of your hard work!

You might notice that in the upcoming months we've scheduled even more exciting ways for you to be involved in the CoCoast project. This includes our Limpet Lengths and Sea Red surveys - ideal ways for you to use your skills to explore some big, national questions that the CoCoast project hopes to answer!

Check out our hub calander to find out more about these surveys and our other upcoming events. Please also do feel free to contact us for more information and to get involved (office: 01723 357223, mobile: 07496 477417, email: cocoast@hull.ac.uk).

See you on the shore soon!

The CoCoast Yorkshire team laugh

July and August events now up on the calendar

Hello CoCoast-ers

Events for July and August are now on the events calendar. These include field support events, wine and science evening and jellyfish walks! Information on times and meeting points can be found by clicking on the event link. 

Remember to collect your equipment, please either come along to a field support event or collect it from us at the School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge. If you would like to collect it from Menai Bridge, then email us, phone us or leave us a voicemail. If we arent in when you are passing though, we'll organise to leave it somewhere for you to collect. 

If you have been out surveying and have any questions about different species, the survey, the specific investigations we are running or the website data entry, please just get in touch :)

Happy surveying!

Summer Events Revealed!

Hello CoCoast Yorkshire Citizen Scientists!

Summer is on its way and it's never been a better time to get down to the rocky shore and whip out your quadrat! We have recently updated our Yorkshire hub Events Calander which includes details of our upcoming Field Support Days, Crab Hunts, Bioblitz events and Wine and Science Evenings. There's plenty to do and lots of rocky shore to explore!

If you ever wish to contact us call our office (01723 357223), mobile (07496 477417) or email cocoast@hull.ac.uk.

Happy surveying,

Nicky and Ruth

General Transect Survey Update - May 2016

CoCoast SW volunteers have been busy collecting and uploading data

CoCoast SW surveyors at Gyllyngvase Beach, Falmouth

It is less than a month since our online data entry system went live and we are pleased to say we have been receiving your data from throughout Devon and Cornwall. The map below shows the locations for the data that has been uploaded so far (up to 24th May). During June we will be running a number of support days and these will provide the opportunity to conduct your surveys alongside CoCoast staff and other CoCoast volunteers.


Have you chosen your species package yet

The chart below shows the number of people who have chosen each of the general transect species packages (again as of 24th May). Some packages are clearly more popular than others. There are quite a few of the trained volunteers who are yet to select a package. If you need any help or advice when choosing your package then please do get in touch with us.


Hello North East Volunteers and a warm welcome to our latest recruits!

We are excited to announce that CoCoast has a calender full of interesting events and experiments to get involved in across the country. As trained volunteers, you have access to all these wonderful events that CoCoast has to offer including Support  Days, Jellywalks, Bioblitzes, Wine and Science Evenings and other exciting events. You are free to attend any CoCoast event regardless of location - so if you're on holiday elsewhere in the UK and find yourself close to another hub, feel free to look up their calender and the CoCoast team would be delighted to have you!

To find out further information about the events or to book a place, please use the calenders located on the regional hub pages. Details for events in the North East can be found in the calender to the right, or if you have any queries concerning our North East events please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing cocoast@newcastle.ac.uk or calling 01912 083058. Booking is essential for all events.

If interested, you can also try your hand at a few of our smaller and additional CoCoast experiments such as 'Bird Food' or 'Breeding Frenzy'. More information can be found under the 'Specific Investigations' title on the Resources page on this website or in the 'Experimental Questions Catalogue' provided on the Training Day. Each experiment has a different number of positions open to volunteers and require varying levels of commitment. Volunteers can let us know they are interested or ask us further questions by contacting us on the contact details above.   

We hope you will be able to join us for some fun by the sea!

CoCoast North East


Equipment Collection

Hello CoCoast-ers!

Spring has finally arrived and the rocky shore is looking particularly inviting in the sunshine! 

To collect your equipment, please either come along to a field support event or collect it from us at the School of Ocean Sciences in Menai Bridge. If you would like to collect it from Menai Bridge, then email us, phone us or leave us a voicemail. If we arent in when you are passing though, we'll organise to leave it somewhere for you to collect. 

Happy surveying!

Siobhan and VIcky