UK waters are teeming with fantastic marine life.

CoCoast is a project that aims to find out more about the species that live in our seas and how we can protect them.

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A crab

Be a Citizen Scientist

‘Citizen Science’ is about members of the public contributing to scientific knowledge and discovery by collecting data, or by analysing and interpreting findings. At ‘CoCoast’ we believe members of the public should be empowered to contribute in meaningful ways, sharing their skills and enthusiasm, rather than just observing scientists.

Our training programme has lots of ways for you to get involved, whatever your experience, your availability or your skills. Our entry level survey allows you to become an expert in marine life identification by focusing on your chosen ‘pack’ of 8 species. Once you have settled in to CoCoast life, there will be other ways of contributing to marine citizen science.

To get involved in the project, your first step is to attend one of our training days in your preferred region. The training day includes a short introduction to us, the project and the marine environment. No previous knowledge is required, just enthusiasm and curiosity about the marine environment! 

A view of some rock pools

These data will:

Provide detailed distribution maps of marine species

Allow us to explore how climate change and other human impact is affecting our seas

Allow us to investigate if conservation policies are effective

Allow us to study how species interact, including marine invasive species

Allow us to explore local issues on the coast